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Gear Up for Fashion Forecasting

by Mary Sheehan Warren on 03/10/15

One of the greatest challenges for an image consultant is staying abreast of the fashion market and becoming able to articulate the major trends, which of these trends will serve clients well, and which are the ones to watch. (True: Maybe watch and chuckle) 

In the spring, we are often taken by surprise by the need to shop for our clients  because we just assume that the warm weather will never really come.

But it does eventually come. (Thank heavens.)

The best way to watch fashion change through the seasons is to maintain a regular perusal of the clothes and accessories which will make up the shopping milieu. This perusal can begin with the major retailers on line:

www.nordstrom.com is one of the best.

But don't overlook www.neimanmarcus.com , www.lordandtaylor.com, www.dillards.com, and www.macys.com in addition to your personal favorites.

It's also good to check out sites such as www.pinterest.com, www.polyvore.com, and www.vogue.com. By googling the fashion week galleries for the current fashion season, (be sure to type in "spring '15" so you don't end up with fall fashion) you can also check out the seeds of where the fashions originated.

And, as any good image consultant will tell you, the stores are where the fashions are.

So, walk through your mall. Take note of what's available and consider specific clients and their needs.

In fact, pull out that phone and snap pictures when you find true inspiration. If you start right now, you'll find that your grasp on the market will be pretty sturdy come spring time.



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